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VitalHub Prototype

VitalHub Prototype Critical patient or diagnostic information accessed anywhere at anytime via mobile handheld device. The Challenge: While on duty, clinicians (doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals) must log on to multiple platforms using separate desktop computer stations with unique login information each time. The physical dependency and redundancy creates huge inefficiencies in the clinician’s [...]



iTriage An iPhone app that allows a quick response to the patient’s immediate needs and thus reducing wait times. The Challenge: Regular triaging is inefficient.  Work orders are created on paper, then entered manually onto a computer. This process does not allow for a quick input of triage, calculation of scores and inclusion of allergies. [...]


Patient Connect

Patient Connect Finding your way around a hospital can be like finding your way through a maze – not any more. The Challenge: Patient registration and patient file and hospital card updates are all long, time-consuming processes. Once patients are admitted it can be difficult for them to find their way through the confusing corridors [...]