The ability to create and deliver a successful project requires experience. There exists an abundance of factors that affect the success of a brand.

We have the experience to appreciate the need to fulfill all these targets.

From delivering movie show times/reviews to consumers or enabling physicians with 24/7 real-time alerts to monitor their patients vitals; Baron is able to formulate a strategy that will allow your brand to surpass it’s goals.


Innovation requires an in-depth understanding of a product and its customer’s needs, but often requires an outside perspective to create something truly unique.

It can be difficult to innovate while caught up in the day-to-day minutia of your business.

Innovation often requires the incorporation of different skill set expertise, and expertise that may not be readily available within your company/industry.

Branding and Creative

Branding and creative are the key components to the success of any campaign, product launch or company profile.

A brand has unique goals that are driven by the perception and behavior of it’s target audience. Therefore, each brand strategy must be unique. We make it our business to understand your audience.

Baron’s multi-disciplinary approach allows for all angles to be covered ensuring a brand can leverage our diverse portfolio of experience and skill offering.

Healthcare Vertical

Through Baron’s involvement in the healthcare sector, we have changed the way clinicians practice and how patients receive treatment despite the high level of complexity and compliance standards.

Baron’s experience working in healthcare has revealed that there exists a noticeable disconnect between the adoption level of new media technology into medical/healthcare processes.

Drawing from our experience in other industries allows us to rapidly advance and improve the efficiency of clinicians’ daily workflow and patient care.