Marc Askenasi

Founder and CEO

Marc Askenasi was the founder, President, and CEO of Function Mobilean innovative mobile gaming solutions provider with past operations in both North and Latin America. Founded in 2007, Mr. Askenasi led the development, launch, and strategic direction of Function Mobile’s robust gaming platform.

In 2009, Mr. Askenasi orchestrated a successful exit for Function Mobile’s investors via acquisition. Also in 2009, Mr. Askenasi founded Baron Group Ventures, a corporation setup to innovate and provide support to a variety of projects he was involved in with a strong focus on the technology sector.

In 2010, Mr. Askenasi led all innovation, branding, and product development initiatives for Vital Hub, a technology healthcare company, created in partnership with Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, that provides healthcare professionals more efficient access to patient information via mobile applications.

In 2011 Mr. Askenasi founded Nowphit; a new social gaming platform that empowers individuals to improve their health and fitness.

Mr. Askenasi graduated with honors from McGill University, where he focused on industrial relations with a triple major in management, economics, and sociology.